About Concrete Walls

Concrete Walls (CW) founded in 2003 is an artist-run-curatorial
project that focuses on building community by facilitating
collaborations, educational projects, and group exhibitions throughout
Southern California.

For over a decade CW has worked with over 200 artists with the goal of
creating pathways of communication with LA residents. Directed by
founder/artist Devon Tsuno, CW is also informed by long time
collaborators like artists Janice Gomez, Rochelle Botello, Fatima Hoang,
Derric Eady, Macha Suzuki and Christine Nguyen.

Functioning as a support system for emerging artists and students CW
provides documentation, space, institutional support and the most
relevant and needed resources (both material and human) by collaborating
with LA's diverse creative community.

Originally located on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles CW began as an
artist-run-space, Concrete Walls Gallery (2003-2008). Today, Concrete
Walls Projects functions as a mobile project organizing exhibitions and
education projects at non-profits, community centers, colleges and
artist-run-galleries in the greater Los Angeles area.

Concrete Walls Press facilitates book, zine, poster and print installation print projects with emerging and mid-career contemporary artists utilizing two in house Risograph RC6300 duplicators and one of the largest color drum palettes in the Los Angeles area.  Collaborators have included Occidental College, First Street Gallery Art Center, Theodore Payne Foundation and Summercamp's ProjectProject.